Owen E. Sheeran, C.H. - Clinical Hypnotherapist, in downtown Redlands, CA.
Welcome to 'Hypnosis for a New You'! 

Hypnosis is a true art form where hypnotherapist and client work together to create a unique and individual journey toward a better you.

Whether you wish to ease stress, build confidence, stop smoking, lose weight, conquer phobias, sleep better or make another lifestyle change, hypnosis is a comfortable, relaxed and calm journey that calls upon the inner and powerful "you" to achieve success. 

Sessions typically last 50 minutes and most issues require two or more sessions to achieve lasting results. You'll feel refreshed and energized, ready to take on new and exciting challenges with an inner calm and vitality. Hypnosis can enable the deep and powerful inner 'you' to emerge and unlock hidden strengths and abilities.

Call (909) 894-8137 or email owensheeran@yahoo.com to make an appointment today . . . conveniently located in downtown Redlands.

*Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists
*Graduate of the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training
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